Lebanon is the Middle East's main destination for cosmetic surgery. This is because Lebanon has top plastic surgeons with a worldwide reputation. The demand for cosmetic surgeries in this region has definitely increased over the past few years because people want to look their best and they get the best surgeons here. One in every three women in Lebanon goes under the knife while the number of foreigners and celebrities flocking to the country is also increasing with each passing year. Here are the most popular cosmetic surgeries people get done in Lebanon:


1. Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

People who are unhappy with the shape and size of their nose undergo rhinoplasty. A nose operation can change the shape of the bridge or tip of your nose, reduce nostril size, increase or decrease nose size, and improve the overall appearance. Rhinoplasty is the best option for people with congenital malformations or those who have nose injuries due to an accident.


2. Facelift

Facelift surgeries are done to reduce visible signs of aging, wrinkles, and sagginess. It involves tightening of underlying facial muscles, restoring lost volume, and repositioning of skin to give the face a youthful appearance. The facial rejuvenation procedures vary from mini-lifts to remove wrinkles to extensive face lift like rhytidectomy.


3. Lip Augmentation

This cosmetic procedure is done to provide plumper, fuller lips to the patient. Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are the most common injections used to increase volume and shape the lip tissues. When popular celebrity, Kylie Jenner confessed that she had her lips done, the demand for lip augmentation skyrocketed thereafter.


4. Breast Augmentation

This procedure involves increasing the size of your breasts using implants or fat transfer. Breast augmentation helps patients who have too small breasts, want to reduce breast size after pregnancy, correct uneven breasts, or wish to improve your self-confidence. If you are considering breast augmentation procedure, then read this blog to know more about it in detail and then consult with a specialist in cosmetic surgery in Lebanon to know the possible risks and complications.


5. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a non-surgical technique that uses abrasive materials to remove the outer damaged skin layer to improve its appearance. This is the best treatment if you have acne, scars, fine wrinkles, redness, thick skin, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. After the treatment, your skin will be swollen and feel like it is burning. Take doctor's recommended medicines and moisturizing ointment until you recover fully.


6. Buttock Augmentation

Butt lift is a surgical procedure used to increase or enhance the volume of buttocks. Two methods are used in this treatment: implants and fat transfer. Sometimes, both the procedures are used to get desired results. However, fat transfer is more popular among celebrities as it adds natural-looking volume to buttocks.


7. Liposuction

It is a surgical technique that removes unwanted fats from localized places such as neck, face, chin, stomach, upper arm, hips, thighs, and calves. It will not help you get rid of stretch marks or cure obesity completely. Some of the new techniques used in this procedure are ultrasound-assisted liposuction, tumescent liposuction, and laser-assisted liposuction.



The Lebanese cosmetic surgery industry has become desirable among image-conscious locals, foreigners, and celebrities from around the world. Patients want to take advantage of the skills and experience of medical experts in cosmetic surgery in Lebanon.


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