Bad/Permanent Filler Removal

Bad/Permanent Filler Removal Beirut Dubai

If you have had Permanent fillers and you’re not satisfied with the results, Dr. Toni Nassar has the solution for you. Typically, patients seek a reversible, hyaluronic acid based fillers but sometimes it’s not the case

Permanent fillers may seem appealing, given they supposedly last a lifetime. However, substances that are permanent can’t easily adjust to the eventual skin and bone changes that will occur with time and ageing processes. Hence using permanent fillers or permanent cosmetic injections can actually leave you looking ‘quite unusual’ or unappealing in just a few years time.

The body may reject or respond unfavorably to permanent fillers, which are made with non-body like substances. 

The permanent filler is multiplicated by itself with time and the volume becomes times 10 and can cause damage and defect.

The first reaction you can have is when the product is expired. You can see different signs and symptoms from inflammation (redness and pain) to infection (fever and tenderness) until abscess formation with secretion of purulent liquid.

Dr. Nassar is well known overseas by treating this problem offering a successful result for hopeless cases.

Dr. Nassar advice: It is very dangerous to keep the bad product injected in your face or body for a long time. It is better to take it out as soon as you can by using our easy, fast, successful and safe technique. 

Dr. Nassar has his own recipe of products that can dissolve your bad filler by injecting it into the area. The session can be repeated every week to clean up all the products.

Sometimes we can get some depressions on the site of injection that can be corrected by a good filler injection.