Gynecomasty Beirut Dubai

Plastic surgery to correct Gynecomastia is technically called Reduction Mammoplasty. It reduces and flattens the breast size, and enhances as well the chest contour.

Gynecomastia (man boobs) should not be viewed as something abnormal, because it is common among the majority of men.

There are two methods for treating male chest enlargement:

  1. Lipolaser: Liposuction is ideal for the reduction of fat, because fat is soft and easily removed.

However, firm and glandular Gynecomastia tissue cannot be removed by liposuction; it needs excision.

  1. Excision: Excision technique is recommended when glandular breast tissue or excess skin are present. Excision is used as well for the areola reduction or for the nipple repositioning.

Sometimes Gynecomastia is treated by a combination of both Lipolaser and Gland Excisio. For that reason, at the preoperative physical exam, Dr. Nassar consults you and recommends the best for you.

The Gynecomastia correction is done under sedation or general anesthesia. It is an outpatient procedure, which means that the patient can leave at the same day of the surgery.

Breast Enhancement for men who do not have time for regular gym workouts or who have reduced chest muscles and want to achieve a masculine look, Dr. Nassar has his special technique in sculpting the breast by your own fat or by silicone implant or by simple injection of a special filler.

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