Dr. Toni Nassar

Dr Toni Nassar (The Stars Plastic Surgeon in Lebanon)


Dr. Toni Nassar, born in Zahlé-Lebanon, is a specialist in plastic & reconstructive surgery. Being interested in the outcomes of aging on outer appearance, in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery from a very young age, Dr. Nassar decided to pursue a career as a plastic surgeon.

He achieved his studies in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, one of the leading capitals in the field of plastic surgery around the world where he was awarded his specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Lagoa Hospital.
He established an immense knowledge in the field learning from international plastic surgeons including Prof. IVO PITANGUY.
Dr. Nassar indeed followed for a period of 2 years the “Ivo Pitanguy course” and did his training courses in INTERCLINICA, with Dr. Marcelo Daher, a well-reputed private plastic surgery clinic in Brazil.
Dr. Nassar also holds an advanced specialization in lipo-laser technique from Germany used for body sculpting.

Dr. Nassar came back to his home country to found four branches of “Dr. Toni Nassar Clinics” (Verdun, Kaslik, Jal El Dib and Zahlé).
In 2012, he expanded his field of action by launching the opening of another two clinics in Kuwait and Qatar.

Moreover, in 2012, Dr. Nassar started his private, luxurious hospital, “Dr. Nassar Medical Center “ in Sin el Fil, only 4 km from downtown Beirut. “Dr. Nassar Medical Center” is well known for its originality with different taste of suites mixing The Oriental, The Tropical, The Classic, The Modern, and The Fashion themes in one building, designed to serve as the most comprehensive, state-of- the-art plastic and reconstructive surgery center in the Middle East offering his clients comfort, convenience and privacy.
“Dr. Nassar Medical Center” is a way for providing our clients with the highest level of personal attention and care. Dr. Nassar personally trains his staff to work as a team with his clients to restore or create their desired appearance.

In 2017, Dr. Nassar started his clinic in Dubai to attend the Gulf region in the heart of Dubai, main Jumeirah Road, “Dr. Toni Nassar Cosmetic Surgery Clinic” offers to all its clients a high level of hospitality and care.

Dr. Nassar is internationally recognized as a cosmetic plastic surgeon, member of BSCP (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery). He was recently elected as Number one Plastic Surgeon in the Middle East for 2017. The French TV M6 nominated him as “The plastic surgeon of the stars” in 2010. Moreover, in 2008 he received the title of “The Beauty Ambassador” in Lebanon.

Dr. Nassar is well known worldwide as the plastic surgeon for local and international stars, as well as political figures, including presidents, kings, and princesses. He appeared many times on TVs (CNN, M6, Arabia, Jazeera, LBC, MTV Lebanon and many others), many different magazines also interviewed him.
“Dr. Nassar Medical Center” is considered to be the first center for enriched fat cells plastic surgery in the region. You can find lot of treatments using this technique for the face and the body. Dr. Nassar is involved in enriched fat cells research by collaborating with other colleagues in different centers in France, United States, Brazil, and Korea.

Due to his commitment, hard work and the excellent results, he acquired an exceptional reputation allowing him to have patients from all over the world.
He is recognized for his extraordinary skills to produce lasting changes while keeping his results natural. He takes his time with each patient to ensure that his or her needs are met.

At Dr. Nassar’s Medical facilities, Dr. Nassar, together with his trained, professional team, offers the latest treatments in plastic surgery including Face Liposculpture, Tummy Tuck, Breast reconstruction, Buttock augmentation, Face Lift and Rhinoplasty … In addition, he offers many innovative aesthetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, PRP injections and hair transplantation… Dr. Nassar makes sure to provide his clients with the highest quality of care using the most innovative techniques.

Personal Profile

Name: Toni Nassar
E-Mail: toninassar@toninassar.com
Date of birth: July 7
Nationality: Lebanese - Brazilian

  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Lipo-laser
  • Stem cells for plastic surgery
  • Plastic Surgery License in Brazil
  • Plastic Surgery License in Lebanon
  • Plastic Surgery License in Abou Dhabi
  • Plastic Surgery License in Dubai
Courses &Congresses
  • Course of the school of Prof. PITANGUY 1999 - 2000
  • Interchange of aesthetic medicine France - Brazil 2000
  • Post-graduation course organized by the international society of plastic surgery - 2000
  • Integrated course of the credential departments of the Brazilian society of plastic surgery-college of surgeons (RIO DE JANEIRO), 1999 - 2001
  • XVIII Carioca journey of aesthetic surgery (Rio De Janeiro) - August 1999
  • XXXVI Brazilian congress of plastic surgery - November 1999
  • Congress of Lagoa-Hospital Da Lagoa - November 1999
  • XIX Carioca journey of plastic surgery - August 2000
  • XIII meeting of the AEXPI (Association of the former students of Prof. PITANGUY) - September 2000
  • XX Carioca journey of plastic surgery and the carioca ISAPS - August 2001
  • XXI Carioca journey of plastic and aesthetic surgery - August 2002
  • XXII Carioca journey of plastic and aesthetic surgery - August 2003
  • XXXX Brazilian congress of plastic surgery - November 2003
  • XXXXI Brazilian and international congress of plastic surgery (ISAPS) - August 2006
  • XXXXII Carioca journey of plastic and aesthetic surgery in Rio De Janeiro - August 2008
  • ISAPS – Beirut post-graduate course “BEAUTY: ART & SCIENCE” Beirut - October 2008
  • First annual congress of lSPRAS and world congress of plastic surgeons of Lebanese descent Beirut - October 2010
  • Sharm derma conference Sharm El Sheikh - October 2010
  • Congress of international master course on aging skin (IMCAS) Sharm El Sheikh - October 2010
  • Educational workshop on Dysport usage in aesthetic medicine Sharm el sheikh - October 2010
  • 47 Congresso Brasileiro De Cirurgia Plastica Victoria - November 2010
  • Congress of international master course on aging skin (IMCAS) Monaco - April 2011
  • The aesthetic meeting 2011 Boston USA - May 2011
Clinical Experience

I- Training Periods:

  • Training in Plastic & Micro-Surgery
  • Training in plastic and micro-surgery in the national institute of oncology - 2000
  • Training in the Center of treatment of burn at Galeao Air Force Hospital - 2000
  • Training in the Center of treatment of labiopalatal fissure at the Municipal Hospital Nossa Senhora - 2001

II- Monthly meetings of the Brazilian society of plastic surgery:

  • Advances in plastic surgery of the face - May 1999
  • Obesity and plastic surgery - June 1999
  • Forum of breast - October 1999
  • Current controversies in liposuction - March 2000
  • Forum in breast prosthesis - April 2000
  • Training in torsoplasty - May 2000
  • Interaction of the mammary prosthesis with the breasts - June 2000
  • Organization of doctor’s offices - November 2000
  • Silicon and the law - March 2001


III- Occupations:

  • Plastic surgeon & CEO at Dr. Nassar Hospital - Beirut, Lebanon, 2012 - Present
  • Plastic surgeon & Director of Brazilian Esthetic Clinics - Beirut, Lebanon, 2004 - Present
  • Plastic surgeon at INTERCLINICA - Rio De Janeiro, 2001 - Present
  • Plastic surgeon & CEO at Dr. Toni Nassar Cosmetic Surgery Clinic - Dubai, 2017 - Present

IV- Scientific activities:

  • Congress of Logoa co-author of the work: “Palpebral Ptosis” - November 1999
  • Meeting of the AEXPI (association of the former-students of professor Ivo Pitanguy)
Presented Work
  • Reconstruction of scalp with expanders - September 2000
  • Meeting of the credential departments of the Brazilian society of plastic surgery
  • Presentation of the work: surgical treatment of sequels of foot burning - October 2000
  • Presentation of lecture in the integrated course of the credential departments of the Brazilian plastic surgery (Rio De Janeiro): anatomy and physiology of the hair follicle and evolution of the treatment of baldness - April 2001
  • English: fluent writing, reading & speaking
  • French: fluent writing, reading & speaking
  • Arabic: fluent writing, reading & speaking
  • Portuguese: fluent writing, reading & speaking
  • Lithuanian: fluent writing, reading & speaking
  • Spanish: fluent reading & speaking
  • Prize of Heloisa Bos in the presentation of the work: Reconstruction of the scalp with expanders meeting of the AEXPI (association of the former-students of professor Ivo Pitanguy) - September 2000
  • Nominated by the French TV M6 as “The plastic Surgeon of the Stars” - 2010
  • Z ibda3 Award for the best health accomplishment - September 2013
  • Delta Award best plastic surgeon - 2015
  • Arouwad award best plastic surgeon - 2015
  • Success story award BIAF - 2015
  • Number 1 Plastic Surgeon in the middle East - 2017
Computer skills

Standard office tools, MS office & Web based applications, Microsoft office Power Point and Excel.


Available upon request