Intimate Parts Bleaching

Intimate Parts Bleaching Beirut Dubai

Some women can be bothered from the dark spot around the vagina, anus or any part of the intimate region.

Nowadays this problem can be solved easily by applying a specific laser for this part, with the help of special cream. The effect is fast and lasting, and you can get whitening or lightening effect without suffering under local anesthesia.

Bleaching – whitening – lightening:
Refers to the practice of using laser and chemical substances in an attempt to lighter skin tone or provide an even skin complexion by lasering the concentration of melanin.

Dr. Toni Nassar has a dual treatment giving a fast result for the dark spot in the face, elbows, knees, buttock, and intimate part. You can get 50% result in the first session and you can repeat it after 2 months for better result , it is a combination of laser with PRP or plasma  , it gives you a youthful appearance with lightening effect.

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