Thighs Lift

Thighs Lift Beirut Dubai

Thighs Lift procedure can be performed as:

  • Lipolaser    
  • Lifting
  • Combination of both

Lipolaser is indicated in case of mild skin excess and when the patient refuses any surgery’s scar. It is an outpatient procedure that can be performed under local or spinal anesthesia with a short recovery time. With the vibrolaser technique, Dr. Nassar removes the fat excess, tightens the skin and remodels thighs to a better shape to become more coherent with your body.
The thigh lift is designed for people with a loosening of the inner thighs skin.
The thigh lift significantly improves the morphological aspect of the thigh.
The purpose of this intervention is to tighten the skin by removing the skin and fat excess, through a scar hidden in the groin region. The post-surgery period needs lots of care, hygiene, proper wound cleaning and dressing care.

Liposuction is always associated with thighs lift when there is fat excess.
After the surgery, an elastic bands dressing is made and worn for 1 month.
Normal activity can be resumed after about 10 days post surgery. It is advisable to avoid any major movement for the first week.
Sport can be taken only from the second postoperative month.
If desired, you can stay at our modern hospital and benefit from its excellent medical care to soothe and comfort yourself after the surgery.