Lipofilling Beirut Dubai

Enriched Fat Cells are used in the treatment of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and skin irregularities thus improving the appearance and function of skin tissue by regenerating the dead cells.

Lipo-filling of Enriched Fat Cells consists of removing fat cells from one part of the body with a very thin cannula to prepare it in a specific process and transform it into enriched fat cells known as Enriched Fat Cells, with the guarantee to preserve the fat cells. Then, with a special fine needle the cells are injected into the face to restore volume and tone. There are numerous fat cells present in adipose tissue, which are able to differentiate into adipocytes.

These cells can be removed from any part of the body, treated through a process of digestion and proliferation of fat enriched cells during 1 hour of time by a closing sterile technique used specially by Dr. Nassar to transfer the unused fat cells into vital enriched fat cells that help you in rejuvenating your dead cells or increasing a volume needed to fill any region in the face or body.

This technique can replace the use of silicone implant; it is taken from your body and re-injected into your body using your own fat!

It is fast, safe; long lasting result, for all ages, men and women, it has excellent result in rejuvenation, increasing volume, bleaching, and tightening effect.

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